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Sale Support Hub

Main organisation: Our Sale West
What is Our Sale West?

Our Sale West is a Big Local governed and led by the community of Sale West. Our main aim is to ‘Build a better sustainable community for the future’

A key feature of the ‘Our Sale West’ project is that it is led and managed by local residents, which means that local people decide what the priorities are for Our Sale West and how they should be addressed. The board has an important role in this making sure the community plan is delivered, and the funding is spent on what the community wants.

Our Sale West works under 4 main themes, these have been developed from listening and talking to residents on the estate.

Training and Employment: To promote and improve for the public benefit opportunities for all people within Sale West and neighbouring communities to reach their potential in developing skills, volunteering, gaining jobs and apprenticeships.

Environment & Community Facilities: To promote and improve for the public benefit community assets in Sale West and neighbouring communities, including open spaces fit for the future, so they are able to meet the needs of all residents through a wide range of activities and support.

Health & Wellbeing: To help and support residents in Sale West and neighbouring communities to improve their health, wellbeing, family life and community spirit.

Youth: Empower young residents to work together and develop confidence to make their voices heard in the wider community. Support youth provision and support.

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What does the Sale Support Hub do?

The Sale Support Hub is run from the Our Sale West office, Sale West Youth and Community centre, Newbury Avenue, M33 4QW. We feel running the hub for Sale is an important role in helping the community.

Sale hub opening times:

Monday 9.30am -5pm

Tuesday 9.30am -5pm

Wednesday 9.30 -5pm

Thursday 9.30 – 5pm

Friday 9.30 - 3pm – no food deliveries

Sale hub contact information:

Phone: 0161 973 3778

Address: Newbury Avenue, Sale, M33 4QJ



Manager: Gaynor Mullin (Sale Hub Coordinator), Kirsty Hawkins (Sale Moor Spoke Coordinator) Clare Standish (Hub Manager), Phillipa Tarmey-Holmes (Assistant manager)

Local partners and supporters:

Irwell Valley Housing, Trafford Housing Trust, Sportsworks, Citizen Advice, DWP Youth Hub, The Bread and Butter Thing, Sale West Community Allotment, Working Wardrobe, Sale Moor Community Partnership

You can contact the Sale Hub about the following:
  • General information and advice about any issue

  • Loneliness/someone to talk to

  • Food bank voucher

  • Food bank parcel

  • Other food support – The Bread and Butter Thing, Foodshare

  • Emergency financial assistance

  • Digital device loaning

  • Budget/debt advice or referral

  • Errands (eg. prescription collections)

  • Medical pick-up/collections

  • Clothing support

  • Energy top-ups

Our Sale West can also provide:
  • Community Information Hub – One stop advice and support centre based at Sale West Community centre. Residents can drop in for advice and help on debt, benefits training and jobs. The hub is open Monday to Wednesday 9.30-2pm

  • Citizen Advice- Is based in the Community Information Hub every Thursday 9.30 -12 drop in advice clinic, 12- 2pm prearranged appointments

  • The Bread and Butter Thing – Every Monday residents can sign up and purchase food at a discount price. For more information

  • Foodshare – Every Friday at 10am residents can access on a first come first served basis food which is not wanted by local stores or near its sell by date for free.

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