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Last updated 7th April 22

Hubs Ukraine info


Community hubs each need a small team of volunteers responsible for co-ordinating the hub with the community, Ukrainians and the council. At the moment information is at best sketchy, and mostly being made up so bear with us! This page will stay updated for handy info.


Volunteers should be:

  • Known to the hubs, DBS checked and trusted

  • Have a good understanding of safeguarding and know how to identify and raise any concerns

  • Be knowledgeable about their area, and know who to ask if they’re not sure


General information about Ukrainian arrivals


There are 2 main visa schemes.

  • Family Scheme

  • Homes for Ukraine scheme


The Family Scheme is for family members of Ukrainians and most people have started arriving via this route.

Things to watch out for:

  • The council is not automatically informed about Family scheme arrivals

  • They should complete the form here to let us/the council know they exist

  • Families do not have to comply with the same rules as homes for Ukraine – so they can end up overcrowded or sleeping on floors which isn’t great.

  • They are not be entitled to the £350 monthly payment 

  • They will be entitled to claim benefits

  • They can work, but wont have an NI number straight away so they’re open to being exploited/trafficked. Please look out for signs of this.

  • The families won’t have undergone the same checks as homes for Ukraine scheme so they’re not necessarily a safe household. Please check this too if you can! 


Homes for Ukraine scheme

This is for anyone with a spare room that is willing to put someone up. At the moment a lot of people are finding their own matches and they’re not necessarily appropriate. Sponsors receive a £350 per month thank you, don’t have to provide food and can’t charge rent. Arrivals get a £200 payment to begin with to help them. Both payments come through the council.

Things to watch out for:

  • Applicants can technically get a visa and arrive before any checks are carried out. Someone could arrive into a completely unsuitable or unsafe environment. If this looks to be the case it needs reporting immediately.

  • Families are police checked, DBS checked, checked for home safety and checked for safeguarding. These checks may not have been carried out prior to your welcome so be aware!

  • Many people will arrive with little more than the clothes on their backs. Please ensure they have access to all they might need.

  • Many people will want to just settle and be quiet before exploring, meeting others or getting on with life. They’ve been through a lot, and that’s ok.

  • Please make sure they have access to wifi – either through access to the family broadband or through a dongle. The library can loan laptops and dongles if you can’t, but these will be a crucial lifeline for the families.

  • They may be keen to find work, info on how to do this below. Please ensure they register right away for Universal Credit asap, they understand that they are not to pay rent to their host and they are only responsible for their own food. That said many hosts will want to provide this too.

  • Please ensure you’re comfortable the hosts are not taking advantage – expecting them to provide cleaning, childcare or other duties for the family in payment for the lodgings. If this happens, they should move. It’s unfair and exploitative, even if they’re happy with the arrangement.

  • Be conscious that no one from Ukraine has a DBS check and while most will be lovely and genuine, we can’t be sure that everyone has good intentions.


Volunteer role

Your role is to:

  • The hub lead will receive the name, address and basic details of an arrival family or person. As soon as possible – same day if possible, arrange with the host family to visit with a welcome box.

  • If you need an interpreter (the host family should know in advance), please arrange for one to go along with you.

  • The welcome box is a welcome on behalf of Trafford and the council. Be patient and kind and empathetic.

  • The box contains a form (Ukrainian and English). Please go through this with them. It covers the basics of what they might need. The form needs to be returned to Trafford council asap after the meeting.

  • Find out what their urgent needs are and make arrangements with the hosts to meet them as soon as possible.

  • If you don’t need to go back sooner (and you may to deliver things), make an appointment to go back in a week or so and see how they’re getting on. Having been settled for a week they will hopefully be in a much better position to think about what they need and haven’t thought about.

Things to consider

There are many things you will need to think about and have a bit of knowledge on, preferably before you go. Here’s a few.

  • What’s their phone situation? Do they need a UK sim? Do they need mobile phone top ups on a UK sim? (SIM cards will be provided soon in the welcome packs but they may need a new handset as not all Ukrainian ones will accept UK sim!)

  • Do they have all the medication they need? Do they need help getting an emergency prescription?

  • They need to register with the doctors asap. There should be a form in the welcome pack.

  • They may need to register with a dentist asap. There should be a form in the welcome pack.

  • They will need a UK bank account opening asap. See links below for info.

  • If there are children they will need a school or nursery place asap. There should be a form in the welcome pack. Trafford are legally obliged to find them places (somehow!) and these will be as close as possible to their house.

  • Did they come by car, or do they need to understand transport? Can you buy them a 28 day any bus pass to help for the first month? If by car, do they know the basic rules of the road? (Trying to source bus passes from TfGM - hopefully more news soon!)

  • Do they know who to call if they feel unsafe or unhappy in their host home? (this might be you in the first instance!)

  • Do they know where the nearest supermarket or shop that sells polish food is?

  • Do the hosts have a good awareness of Ukrainian food and what they might need to stock to make them feel comfortable (especially kids!)?

  • Do you know where they can do an ESOL course if needed?

  • Do the hosts know where they can meet with other hosts for mutual support?

  • Do they intend to work? Can you help with job centre or job hunting?

  • Do they have pets? If so do they have everything they need for their pets?

  • Do they have contact numbers for their host?

  • Do they have money for basics or need help?



They will need a bank account to receive any money! They can apply for one here.

Nat West


The £200 payment should come from Trafford but needs a bank to go into.

There is a Trafford Response form we should be able to tap into for essential bits. The process for this is still being finalised but details will be here soon.


If they need clothes:

Try Altrincham Hub first - they're setting up a free shop. It may be possible to have a small version in your hub too.

Other sources: 

Under 4’s – referral to Little Bundles

Under 18’s – Refer to littlegreensock project

Adults – Ukrainian Centre Manchester 0161 205 6692


Welcome boxes

These are being organised by Simon Latham at Trafford CCG –



For help with translation contact Steph at Manchester Homes for Ukraine



They will need a National Insurance number eventually, but can start work without one.

  • Visa holders will have the unconditional right to live in the UK for the three-year visa period. They can work for any employer and will have free access to healthcare, education and benefits.

  • If they do not already have a National Insurance number, they only need to apply for one if they are planning to work.

  • They can start work without a National Insurance number if they can prove they have the right to work in the UK.

  • When they find a job with a UK employer they will need to prove their right to work. To use the online service they will need to have a BRP or a UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) account. If they cannot use the online service, they can show your employer or a stamp in their passport (if they have not yet applied for a BRP) a visa.

National Insurance helpline (to apply)

Telephone: 0800 141 2075  Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm

Please help with CV’s and job hunting, try job centre (should be a Ukrainian support worker there). 

You can also try



Lots of get-togethers have been organised for families. These will appear below.

Family meet up – every Wednesday morning from 27th April at the Hideaway 10am-12pm.

Weekly host meet-up at The Hub (Altrincham). Details TBC



Ukrainian diets are quite different to ours and they may not be comfortable with our food. Encourage hosts to shop with them in mind when providing meals.

Family breakdown

It's anticipated that there will be a lot of placements breakdown for reasons relating to suitability, safety, health, personalities and much more. If you are contacted due to a placement breakdown please contact your hub lead and Ruth Lancey. In the first instance the family should be registered as homeless (HOST). We have a database of families willing to host short term stays in emergencies where they can stay whilst the homeless service (or another service once a process is in place!) finds another match. 

Anything else, please email with questions. 

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